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Thekwane High School is a Methodist Church school, situated about 13 kilometres north of Plumtree, in Matabeleland South province, Zimbabwe. It is quite an old school — with an illustrious history — which can be said to have fallen on hard times. The first Thekwane school was established in 1924 by the Rev. Herbert Carter.

Thekwane is situated near the seasonal river Thekwane, which takes its name from the hammer-headed stork, “uthekwane”, which used to be common along its banks, and which is depicted on the school badge.

Thekwane has had a difficult recent history, having struggled to re-establish itself after the destruction inflicted during the War of Liberation, against a background of financial stringencies. Although Thekwane is a private (non-Government) boarding school, it keeps its fees to a very bare minimum, so that it is able to provide the chance of a good Christian education even to children from less well-off families.

Facilities are very basic, but the school has nevertheless managed to attract a well-qualified teaching staff and examination results have been following an upward trend for some years now, (though last years results were rather mixed).

Zimbabweans are facing an uncertain future, economically and otherwise. AIDS and other health risks are of great concern. Inflation is still very high and unemployment is a major problem for school-leavers. This inevitably has its effect on the motivation of our students.

To this end, our mission at the TAA is simple:

  • To create and nurture a lifelong reciprocal relationship between Thekwane and its students, teachers past and present.
  • To provide resources to Thekwane so that it can continue to offer extra-ordinary education experience.
  • To promote contacts amongst its members,  soliciting your support of the association, both monetarily and with your time and services to ensure a brighter future for our alma mater..

To achieve these objectives the Association promotes contacts amongst its members. Such contacts will be stimulated through the organisation of email conferences, workshops, database and by exchange of of information concerning the entire range of activities. 

The Executive Committee invites you to become a member to promote TAA-2006 and strengthen its outreach. We encourage every member to actively participate in the Theme/Focal Groups. We recognise that time is precious for most people, but as little as two hours a week would be enough. Most of the communication is done on email. The Association currently has 100 members registered.

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