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Hello Friends,
Please find attached most recent communication and updates received from Thekwane.   The attachments provided bring us all up to speed on what the school has been doing to support the efforts made by the Alumni association and friends, as well as other initiatives they are working on. I cannot think of a better way the school can display their appreciation for all the efforts made by you TAA and friends of TAA.  It makes us all proud to see the school engaging in other initiatives despite the limited resources they have.  Efforts made by the school include the following:
1.  The formation of the TAA Thekwane Support Chapter to work closely with TAA.
2.  Engaging the Zimbabwe National Army to assist with the painting of Aggrey, Felicitus and Perpetua Hostels.  Without this assistance which was
made free of charge we would have had to pay for labor, and as a result we could not have completed 3 hostels.  A big thank you goes to the
Zimbabwe National Army  for their assistance and for the school in coming up with this idea.  As a reminder to all, Thekwane has 8 hostels in total.
We have painted 3 out of 8, hence the remaining $15,000.00 that we are yet to raise.
3.  The contribution made by the SDC towards the painting of the Dining Hall.
4.  The launching of the Nursery Project in partnership with Friends of the Environment. Details are in the attached letter.  This is clearly another
example of how the school is constantly pursuing sustainable projects with longer term benefits for the school.
Please join me in congratulating the school for all the efforts they are making.  A vibrant Alumni Association requires an active partnership between the school and it’s Alumni and I am pleased to see the engagement of the students and faculty in this partnership.
Thank you all for your contributions and efforts which have certainly gone a long way.  May I pause a little and remind all that the journey ahead of us is still quite long.  However, with God’s help, we shall reach the finishing line.
Thank you again.


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