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Solar Light Barrels

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Art/Christine/Dawn/TAA Family and Friends:

Please be advised that the barrels were finally delivered at Thekwane.  A big thanks goes to Snellie for coordinating on the ground.   What an amazing gesture that was made by the Bulawayo Rotary Club to literally  take delivery of the barrels to the school.   A big thank you goes to the current President and the former President and other members of the Rotary.  The newly formed Plumtree Rotary was also present to witness the delivery of the barrels.   Ndubiwa from our TAA Bulawayo was also present. Please see attached picture.  I am sure the officials of the school were overwhelmed with such warmth from everyone.  We hope to receive pictures when the school hands out the lights and shirts to the student.

A big thank you goes to the following that participated in this project:

  1. The Rotary Club of Carpinteria, CA that contributed the lights and Shirts, (Christine, Art, Dawn)

  2. Chris Mpofu on behalf of Amandla in Canada who assisted us in purchasing more lights

  3. TAA US/Canada for raising the necessary funding for us to ship 3 barrels in total

  4. Hans Brand Flowers for shipping for free the shirts and lights from California to Nashville.  Friends of Hans and the Rotary who helped pack these shirts and lights for us.

  5. Members of my church that helped me pack the shirts and lights on a cold Sunday afternoon

  6. The Bulawayo Rotary that was so kind as to receive these barrels on our behalf as well as to hand deliver them to the school.

  7. The Plumtree Rotary for participating in this grand occasion

  8. The officials of the school that have been absolutely wonderful to work with.

  9. Christine Gordon who reached to Colourgrad in 2011, Colourgrad introduced me to Christine in 2014 and from that initial communication, much has been accomplished, and

  10. Finally, many others that I might have overlooked

My heart is filled with so much gratitude.   Thank you again.

Thoko Mkwanazi


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