The Church and Tatara’s New Look – Facelift Continued

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We have just been informed that due to the efforts of the Students Development Committee (SDC) at Thekwane, the Facelift for the Church and Tatara buildings is now complete.  Thank you so much SDC for such a commendable job.  This is starting to look like the school we all know.   Please see pictures below


Herein is the challenge:  If the SDC can do such a phenomenal job, certainly the Alumni can complete the rest or even do better.   By completing the rest or doing better, I mean getting all the dorms and classrooms painted.  I think we can rise up to the challenge. What do you think ALUMNI? If we can just collect enough funds to cover the cost of the paint, the rest can be taken care of.  Please do not let us down.


The Church: Before:


The Church: After:


Tatara Before:


Tatara After:


You can all agree this is just wonderful!  The SDC deserves a star or maybe two stars!

Well done SDC!

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