Thekwane Facelift Campaign (TFLC)

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Dear Thekwane Alumni:

One common denominator that I see as I interact more and more with Thekwane Alumni is the deeply embedded pride they have for their school.  It is clearly displayed in each dialogue I have witnessed. As Alumni from different generations continue to interact, as facilitated by the Thekwane Alumni Association, this common thread seems to exist quite amazingly.  Please keep up the spirit TAA!  A lot of us have been away from the school for many years and our perspective of the school has not changed from what it was when we graduated.  Well, to bring us all to reality, let us be aware that so much has changed since we last stepped foot at our beautiful school and we now have the challenge to see what we can do as the founders of the Alumni Association call it “Restoring the school to its glory days”.   I could not have said it any better.  May we take the challenge to restore the school back to its glory days, in the midst of the current economic challenges our country faces, shortage of qualified teachers and limited texts books, water and other resources the school desperately needs.  Like they say Rome was not built in a day.  If we tackle these challenges, one at a time, and work collectively as the proud Thekwane Alumni that we rightfully are, we will be surprised to see how much progress we will make over time.

The recently launched TFLC is one of those initiatives that allow us to take a step in the right direction.  The campaign was prompted by the state in which we found the school during our last visit.  The school officials have done the best they can to maintain the school with the limited resources they have.  We saw new buildings that have been built since some of us graduated from the school and that speaks to all the amazing efforts the officials and other Alumni have made over the years.  We can also play our part in helping preserve the strong infrastructures that still remain by raising funding to facilitate a complete paint job of the whole school.  I know this sounds like an insurmountable task, however with all of us playing our part this can be done.

We all have a role to play and may I recommend the following:

1:  Make personal contributions to the TFLC.  It does not matter the amount.  These contributions can be one time only or monthly contributions.  They can be made to the Treasurer of your respective branches.  An update of contributions received to date will be forwarded to all monthly.  Your Treasurer’s contact details are as follows:


Thekwane Facelift Campaign (TFLC)
Treasurer Contacts
Branch Contact Name E-Mail
Bulawayo Dumisani Sibanda [email protected]
Harare Abiathar Mujeyi [email protected]
UK Clifford Chigaru [email protected] 
SA Sam Moyo [email protected]
USA/Canada Thokozile MkwanaziChris Mpofu [email protected][email protected]



For those that have not visited the school in a while, let me take you on a tour of the school:



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